Hi, I'm Violet x

I always dread buying gifts for my loved ones - I mean, really dread it. It's not about being stingy, but the mere thought of them opening my gift and not liking it gives me the cold sweats. Wandering from store to store on the high street only to find the same old uninspired gifts doesn't help either.

In 2017, my fear of disapointment hit its peak when I was asked to be Maid of Honor for my best friend's wedding. She's been my rock since school, and I wanted to give her something truly special for her big day, which happened to be a lavish affair in Mauritius. 

As the travel date approached, I still hadn't found anything. After a particularly frustrating meltdown one evening, my husband jokingly suggested I make something myself. I dismissed the idea outright. What a daft thought!

But the next day, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot. With my background in interior design & art, I decided to create a custom print using my art skills and my husband's printing equipment (acquired during a brief stint as a wannabe photographer).

Several late nights later, I had a typography print that I was cautiously proud of. My husband raved about it, but I needed my friend's approval to truly believe it was good.

A long story short she loved it (not before my anxiety hit stratospheric levels). When she and her new spouse were moved to tears by the gift, I was shocked and thrilled in equal measure.

Encouraged by their reaction and with the support of my family, I started making prints for others online, and the rest is history.

Currently nestled in my snug eco-friendly design studio in the enchanting New Forest, UK, operating by solar energy and copious amounts of coffee. With painstaking attention to detail, my handcrafted prints have garnered adoration from over 8000 delighted customers.

Will you be the next person to allow me to create a personalised print, hand made just for you?

So, if you're in search of something truly unique and lovingly crafted, you've come to the right place. But if you're after a quick fix for your walls, there is always Next or IKEA to scratch that itch.

See you soon,

Love always, Violet x