Doing Our Bit To Help Fight Climate Change

We have designed a special collection of prints, which support two fundamental projects in the mitigation of climate change. When you make an order of any of these products you will be helping us to make a difference and you can track your impact after purchase too.


Tree Planting

Mangrove trees are planted on your behalf in either Madagascar, Mozambique, or Kenya. This gives crucial income to local villagers so they can provide
for their families. Mangrove forests are essential coastal ecosystems.
They store four times as much carbon as even tropical rainforest,
making them an important tool to mitigate climate change.

The trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects.


Ocean Cleaning

Ocean-bound plastic will be collected on your behalf in either Africa or South East Asia. This plastic collection provides crucial income to local waste pickers living in disadvantaged communities.Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans. By collecting this plastic before it’s lost at sea, it can instead be recycled, up-cycled or used for energy.

The plastic is collected by Empower AS and local partners.


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